Scientific and Professional Staff
Research Interests

PETER H. DAUM - Chemist
Atmospheric chemistry; Cloud microphysics; Cloud radiative properties.

MARY JANE BARTHOLOMEW - Meteorology Associate II
Aerosol optical thickness measurements over the world's oceans, satellite correction algorithms for aerosol optical thickness and aerosol climate.

WILLIAM J. BEHRENS - Applications Architect
Acquisition, telemetry, analysis and distribution of environmental data; Computer networking; Wireless communications; Oceanographic and atmospheric data management; Hydrography.

Mathematical modeling of transport and transformation of trace species in the atmosphere, with special emphasis on the sulfur cycle; Study of the interaction of aerosols, clouds, and climate; Compilation and analyses of inventories of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere; Analysis of atmospheric measurements data.

ALICE T. CIALELLA - Advanced Applications Engineer
Remote sensing for land and water surfaces; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyses of environmental data; Data acquisition and analysis.

MAUREEN DUNN - Oceanographic Associate II
Research interests on air-sea interactions and the role of sea surface temperatures in the development of marine stratocumulus clouds; Testing and evaluation of algorithms for retrieving cloud microphysical properties which incorporate input data from multiple remote sensing instruments; Aerosol indirect effects; Numerical analysis and environmental modeling.

SATOSHI ENDO - Research Associate
Boundary layer meteorology; cloud physics; Understanding of the small-scale processes and its impact on large-scale weather and climate.

MICHELE GALLETTI - Research Associate
Weather radars, cloud radars, radar polarimetry, and polarimetric phased-array antennas for atmospheric sciences applications.

SCOTT E. GIANGRANDE - Assistant Meteorologist
Cloud and Precipitation Microphysics; Radar Meteorology; Adaptive radar scanning for climate applications.

LAURIE M. GREGORY - Advanced Applications Engineer
Data acquisition and analysis; Applications programming; CGI programming; WEB development.

DONG HUANG - Research Assistant Scientist
Radiative transfer in cloudy atmosphere; Remote sensing of clouds using microwave tomographic methods; Inverse problems; Cloud and meteorology radar; Evaluation of the representations of cloud and cloud processes using remote sensing data.

MICHAEL P. JENSEN - Associate Meteorologist
Tropical convective systems; Marine boundary layer cloud systems; Radiative transfer; Precipitation.

KAREN LEE JOHNSON - Advanced Applications Engineer
Radar meteorology, particularly vertically pointing precipitation and cloud radars.

Kinetics and transport of atmospheric pollutants; Chemical dynamics.

CHONGAI KUANG - Postdoctoral Research Associate
Probing the mechanisms of gas to particle conversion, especially as they pertain to atmospherically relevant processes through: [1] ambient measurements, [2] controlled laboratory experiments, [3] instrument design and characterization, and [4] process-based model development.

KATHY J. LAZAR - Advanced Applications Engineer
Data base design, Applications programming; User interface development, and WEB development.

YIN-NAN LEE - Chemist
Kinetics and mechanisms of homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions and catalyses in the field of organic, marine, and atmospheric chemistry; Measurement of and technique development for trace gaseous species including aerosols.

ERNIE R. LEWIS - Scientist
Marine measurements of cloud, aerosol, and radiation properties; Sea salt aerosols and their properties, concentrations, and production; Sources of natural aerosol production; Air-sea exchange of gases and particles; Aerosol dynamics and processes in the atmosphere; Cloud formation and cloud droplet activation; Phase transitions of aerosol particles; Deliquescence and efflorescence; Effect of particle size on hygroscopic behavior and on deliquescence and efflorescence; Hygroscopic and thermodynamic properties of aerosol particles; The effects of relative humidity on aerosol chemical, physical, and optical properties; Optical properties of aerosols and their dependences on relative humidity; Light scattering and radiative transport in the atmosphere; Aerosol-radiative interactions, including carbonaceous aerosols; Properties of physical and chemical properties of electrolyte solutions and their parameterization; Climate and climate change, and the effect of aerosols on climate change; The carbon dioxide system in the oceans; Measurement of chemical and physical properties of seawater.

WUYIN LIN - Assistant Scientist
Climate system model development, and climate prediction, with special interests in understanding the physics of cloud and convective processes, the feedback of these processes in a changing climate, and the parameterization of these processes in large scale models, through observational data analyses and multi-scale numerical modelings.

YANGANG LIU - Scientist
Scientific interests have centered around physical, optical and chemical properties of atmospheric particles, including aerosols, clouds and precipitation.  Research activities include theoretical studies, mathematical modeling, data analysis, and field investigations.  Current research is focusing on the understanding of aerosol effects on climate (both direct and indirect).  The methodology is built on closure experiments of both in situ and remote sensing measurements, in combination with theoretical studies and numerical modeling.

EDWARD P. LUKE - Advanced Applications Engineer
Remote sensing of the atmosphere; Cloud property retrieval algorithms; Computational intelligence; Pattern recognition; Data fusion; Radar meteorology; Climate modeling; Parallel computing.

L. LYNN MA - Advanced Applications Engineer
Data analysis; Data base management; WEB development; Applications programming.

ROBERT L. MC GRAW - Senior Scientist
Physical chemistry; Statistical mechanics; Aerosol dynamics; Homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation of supercooled vapors and vapor mixtures as mechanisms for gas-to-particle conversion; Freezing and precipitation from multicomponent solutions; Computer simulation of nucleation and growth processes in complex flows; Nonlinear optics.

FAN MEI - Postdoctoral Research Associate
Measurement and characterization of physical and chemical properties of particular matters, such as atmospheric aerosol; Aerosol instrumentation design and modification; Aerosol formation and application.

LEONARD NEWMAN - Senior Scientist
Studies of the atmospheric chemistry of sulfur and nitrogen compounds as they relate to the impacts of air pollution; Studies directed at understanding atmospheric oxidant chemistry; Identification and measurement of the chemical composition of gases and aerosols in the atmosphere.

STEPHEN E. SCHWARTZ - Senior Scientist
Atmospheric Chemistry: Transformation of trace atmospheric constituents; Laboratory investigation of model systems; Field measurements and interpretation; Chemical modeling; Atmospheric radiation; Atmospheric aerosols.  Physical Chemistry: Reaction kinetics; Chemical thermodynamics; Mass transport; Molecular spectroscopy; Photochemistry.
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Development of novel sensing systems to the identification and measurement of trace atmospheric pollutants and ground/surface pollutants; Application of lidar systems and techniques for atmospheric species temporal and spatial profiling.

Application and modeling of chromatographic systems for the development of techniques for the detection and quantification of trace components with the consequent application to geophysical trace gases, indoor pollution and various industrial applications; Development of chemical compounds as atmospheric, hydrological or aerosol tracers.

HUA SONG - Research Associate
Tropical atmospheric circulations; Climate change and cloud feedback; Model simulation and evaluation against observations.

Field measurements of atmosphere; Development of novel instrumentation for measuring atmospheric constituents; Adapting analytical instrumentation for aircraft-based sampling; Development of analytical instrumentation for high-efficiency separations.

ALISON L. TILP - Advanced Applications Engineer
System administration; Backup/archive systems; Perl and CGI programming; WEB applications.

TAMI TOTO - Senior Applications Developer
Data analysis; Applications programming; Database applications development.

DAVID T. TROYAN - Scientific Associate II
Applications programming; Meteorological data analysis; Radar meteorology; Geostatistics; Citation analysis; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics.

KWINTEN VAN WEVERBERG - Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mesoscale numerical modeling, deep convection, cloud microphysics, model evaluation using satellite and radar

Climate and the Earth's energy balance; Cloud-radiative interactions, Aerosol-radiative interactions; Atmospheric radiative transfer; Remote sensing; Climate modeling; Climate change theory.

Remote sensing of the atmosphere; Atmospheric radiative transfer; Global climate change; Regional environmental change.

JIAN WANG - Associate Scientist
Characterization of atmospheric aerosol physical and chemical properties through field observations and laboratory studies; Development of new instruments for aerosol size distribution and radiative property measurements.

JUDITH B. WEINSTEIN-LLOYD - Research Collaborator
Atmospheric oxidants:  Development of instrumentation for detection of peroxy radicals and peroxides, field measurements, interpretation and modeling of these species.

WEI WU - Associate Scientist
Cloud-radiation-climate interaction; Atmosphere-ecosystem interaction.

YU XIE - Research Associate
Remote sensing of clouds; Atmospheric radiation; Single-scattering properties of ice crystals with irregular particle shapes.


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