Precipitation Scavenging and Atmosphere-Surface Exchange

Papers arising from the Fifth International Conference on Precipitation Scavenging and Atmosphere-Surface Exchange Processes, Richland, Washington, 1991, coordinated by S.E. Schwartz and W.G.N. Slinn


Volume 1 The Georgii Volume - Precipitation scavenging processes: cloud and aerosol microphysics; laboratory chemical studies; instrument development and techniques; dew, fog and mountain cloud studies; cloud scavenging and processing; precipitation composition and scavenging ratios; numerical studies of precipitation scavenging.

Volume 2 The Semonin Volume - Atmosphere-surface exchange processes: atmosphere-surface exchange measurements; mass, momentum and energy transfer; air-sea exchange; air- soil exchange of particles; atmosphere-vegetation exchange; dry deposition and resuspension models.

Volume 3 The Summers Volume - Applications and appraisals: local air pollution; regional air pollution; deposition to forests; deposition monitoring and assessments; Chernobyl studies; biogeochemistry; historical deposition; global change.

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June 1, 1992
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Hardcover (three volumes)
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