Science and Technology Award

The Science and Technology Award recognizes distinguished contributions to the Laboratory's science and technology mission over a period of one or more years. Contributions may be in any scientific or technical discipline other than engineering and computing. Eligibility for the Science and Technology Award includes all employees except Assistant/Associate Laboratory Directors and above, and bargaining unit employees. Nomination of Department Chairs/Division Managers must be based on their contributions before appointment to their current positions.
The overall criterion for the award is an employee's exceptional contribution to the Laboratory in science and technology. The committee will evaluate each nominee specifically with respect to three criteria: 1) exceptional nature of the employee's contributions; 2) difficulty level of the contributions; and 3) benefit of contributions to the Laboratory.
Awards consist of a check and an engraved memento indicating the award name, the employee's name, the purpose of the award and the year of the award. Five awards are granted each year. Award checks and mementos are presented at an annual Laboratory-wide awards ceremony and reception. The amount of the award is $5,000.
Award recipients

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