Trace Atmospheric Constituents:
Properties, Transformations and Fates

Advances in Environmental Science and Technology, Volume 12, Edited by Stephen E. Schwartz.

Providing the only comprehensive coverage available of the chemical and physical processes involved in the formation of acid rain, this book details the transformation and deposition of atmospheric pollutants. Treats relevant laboratory and theoretical chemistry, field studies, and computer modeling methods, and includes coverage of the aqueous-phase chemistry of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, an analysis of soot and the analytical chemistry and health effects of inorganic and organic sulfur compounds present in ambient and industrial aerosols, and more. 547 pp.

Contents (PDF file)

ISBN: 0471876402
Jerome O. Nriagu, Series Editor
Publisher: Wiley - Interscience, New York; reprinted by Krieger
Pub. Date: March, 1983
List Price: US$ 89.25

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