Atmospheric Aerosol Properties and Impacts on Climate. Synthesis and Assessment Product 2.3, Chin M., Kahn R. A., and Schwartz S. E., Eds., Washington, DC, 2009.

This report critically reviews current knowledge about global distributions and properties of atmospheric aerosols, as they relate to aerosol impacts on climate. It assesses possible next steps aimed at substantially reducing uncertainties in aerosol radiative forcing estimates. Current measurement techniques and modeling approaches are summarized, providing context. As a part of the Synthesis and Assessment Product in the Climate Change Science Program, this assessment builds upon recent related assessments, including the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC AR4, 2007) and other Climate Change Science Program reports. The objectives of this report are (1) to promote a consensus about the knowledge base for climate change decision support, and (2) to provide a synthesis and integration of the current knowledge of the climate-relevant impacts of anthropogenic aerosols for policy makers, policy analysts, and general public, both within and outside the U.S government and worldwide.


Executive Summary. Remer, L. A., Chin, M., DeCola, P., Feingold, G., Halthore, R., Kahn, R. A., Quinn, P. K., Rind, D., Schwartz, S. E., Streets, D., and Yu., H.

Chapter 1. Introduction. Kahn, R. A., Yu, H., Schwartz, S. E., Chin, M., Feingold, G., Remer, L. A., Rind, D., Halthore, R., and DeCola, P.

Chapter 2. Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements of Aerosol Properties, Burdens, and Radiative Forcing. Yu, H., Quinn, P. K., Feingold, G., Remer, L. A., Kahn, R. A., Chin, M., and Schwartz., S. E.

Chapter 3. Modeling the Effects of Aerosols on Climate. Rind, D., Chin, M., Feingold, G., Streets, D., Kahn, R. A., Schwartz, S. E., and Yu., H.

Chapter 4. The Way Forward. Rind, D., Kahn, R. A., Chin, M., Schwartz, S. E., Remer, L. A., Feingold, G., Yu, H., Quinn, P. K., and Halthore, R.

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