Aerosol dynamics by the quadrature method of moments. McGraw R. and Schwartz, S. E. Workshop: Techniques and problems in modeling size-distributed aerosol formation and composition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, March, 1997.

This talk presents a brief overview of the method of moments (MOM) highlighting both its advantages and limitations for representation of aerosol microphysics in regional to global scale models. We have previously shown that key aerosol properties can be accurately represented in terms of moments of the size distribution. An extension of this approach, the quadrature method of moments (QMOM), is described and shown to overcome a key limitation of the conventional MOM by retaining closure in the moment equations for arbitrary growth laws. The QMOM may used to determine the evolution of the lower-order moments of an aerosol size distribution and thus to obtain key physical and optical properties of the aerosol as functions of time. The method is illustrated for simulations of complex, nonlinearly coupled, nucleation and growth processes in Lagrangian and Eulerian computational fluid dynamics models. Illustrations involving cloud droplet activation, contrail formation, and direct prediction of aerosol physical and optical properties are presented.

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