Copyright and Access Policy

  • Authors will transfer copyright to the publisher (to the extent allowed by law). 
  • The publisher will grant back to authors the right to reproduce their work, in part or in whole, for any non-commercial purpose, providing that proper attribution to G3 is made. This specifically includes posting of publications to the authors' personal or institutional web sites. 
  • The copyright policy will also explicitly allow the reproduction of published materials by instructors and students in universities and primary and secondary schools for educational purposes, without payment of royalty. 
  • It is the intent of the founders to assure that relevant contributions published in G3 can be accessed through the authorized web sites of selected scientific organizations, such as GERM (the Geochemical Earth Reference Model Initiative), whose purpose is to facilitate the dissemination of information to the scientific community. Connecting the peer-reviewed literature with the information services of sites like GERM is a critical functionality of the proposed journal. The publishers expect to meet this goal by providing seamless and unrestricted links for users from these sites to specific online G3 contributions, or by granting permission to post selected items from G3 on these sites. 
  • Commercial use will normally only be allowed upon payment of an appropriate royalty and, if reasonably available, with the concurrence of the author. 
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